Welcome to Bear3D

Bear3D will be your one-stop shop for all your 3D printing and additive manufacturing needs brought to you by Bear Labs. Brand New or a Hardened Veteran of the printing world we've got it if you need it!

Welcome to Bear3D
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Let me begin by saying how happy we are here at Bear Labs Ltd to finally have a website. For those who have just found out about us, Welcome! To those who are coming back, it's good to see you again. We wanted to write this first article on our website to explain who we are, what we do and why you might think about supporting us. If you want to see more articles like this and don't want to miss our future content go ahead and subscribe to our newsletter for updates about new content.

Who are we, what are we doing here and how have you found yourself reading this wonderful article? Let's go in reverse order. If you're here then hopefully you're interested in 3D printing and design, new technologies, and being a maker, but worry not. If you aren't any of those things hopefully we can change your mind. We are Bear Labs, a brand new, UK-based 3D printing and Technology Company that wants to make a difference. We are Evangelists for 3D Printing.

Here at Bear Labs, we hope to make the fascinating world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing available to everyone, no matter where you may be. With the endless possibilities and new developments constantly happening printing your future isn't just a tagline, we want to make science fiction science fact. We want to make things for the people and we want to help the people make things. Imagine being able to create almost anything from your own home and Imagine it having a positive impact on the planet!

Well, we're making it happen. Bear Labs prides itself on using environmentally friendly methods and materials. We either use materials that already have been recycled and are fully recyclable. We don't want to pollute the planet! In fact, we'd love to do all we can to help clean it up. Whether it be by recycling, using environmentally friendly materials, or donating to local charities. More on that in an article coming soon.

3D printing and Additive Manufacturing are truly awesome ways to create and make a difference. We want to tell you about and produce amazing products for you to enjoy. This is why using our website and soon-to-be other social media platforms and online store we will introduce you to the revolutionary world with the power to bring your imagination to life at the click of a button. Low cost, good for the environment, no waste, and production on demand are all achievable in manufacturing around the globe with the power of 3D printers.

Whether you're a hobbyist looking for new miniatures, an engineer looking to rapidly prototype, a collector looking for cheaper figurines, someone who wants to make a difference in the world, looking for modern decorations for your home, or a person who needs custom and bespoke pieces. This is us just naming a few of you out there who we want to help, the list is endless.

If you can think of it then we can print it. We want to pursue the future of manufacturing, we want to usher in a new era of creation.

We are Bear Labs.

Thank You for taking the time to read our first article, we hope you enjoyed it!

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